Pediatric Speech Therapy in Houston

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Pediatric Speech Therapy in Houston

Pediatric speech therapy in Houston. The Speech Dynamic offers the highest quality speech therapy services. Our highly skilled, nurturing, and engaging Speech Pathologists provide individualized speech therapy in your child’s natural environment. This ensures carryover and generalization of new skills and that you always know how to support your child’s speech and language skills at home!  Our Speech-Language Pathologists are specifically educated to meet the needs of our young clients and are experts in speech, language, and development.  We serve children in their homes and schools across Houston. We offer a variety of unique services including myofunctional therapy, PROMPT, and social skills groups. Our mission is to support parents and educators in how to best encourage their child’s speech and communication skills. We are committed to giving every child a voice, increased confidence, and more control over their little worlds.  We look forward to taking the first steps together in creating a positive change in your child’s life!


Are you concerned about your child’s speech or language development?

Is your toddler difficult to understand?  Do you know what your toddler is saying but nobody else does? Are you worried that your child isn’t talking like the other kids at his or her school? Do you worry that your child is not getting the services he/she needs? Are you worried your toddler isn’t as many words as they should be?  Does your child consistently breath through their mouth? Are you concerned your child may have a lip or tongue tie? Do you worry about your child’s future?  Does your child struggle with attention, learning, or behavioral issues?  Are you looking for trustworthy information about speech and language development?


Creating positive change in your child’s life, in your home or school!


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