About Us

About Us

Our highly trained and experienced therapists provide high quality, personalized speech therapy in homes, schools, and daycares in Houston Heights, Oak Forest, River Oaks, Montrose, West University, Bellaire, and Downtown/East Downtown. Our therapists regularly connect with your child’s teachers and providers. With our younger clients, parents and caregivers are always included in the session and a follow-up note with specific strategies to implement at-home is provided. Our routines-based approach to therapy teaches your child communication skills in an environment they feel comfortable.




Our mission is to support parents and educators in how to best support your child’s communication skills. We look forward to taking the first steps together in creating a positive change in your child’s life!










Her gentle and compassionate approach was just the connection my son needed

My son Finnian was diagnosed with autism at age 3 and was non verbal. I remember being so scared and stressed about Finn’s future until I met his team of teachers and therapists. Miss Brooke was my son Finn’s speech therapist in his EC Pre-K classroom. She was amazing with Finn and supportive to me. Her gentle and compassionate approach was just the connection my son needed to feel safe and grow. One of my favorite qualities of Miss Brooke is her genuine enthusiasm when working with my son. I will always be grateful for her twinkling eyes and contagious smile when discussing my son’s progress and growth. Thank you Miss Brooke!

Molly M

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