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We provide speech and language assessments and evaluations in Houston, TX

Speech and Language Assessment:

We utilize both informal and formal assessment measures, including child/parent/caregiver interview, clinical observations, play-based assessment when necessary, as well as standardized tests to evaluate your speech and language skills. We look at your child’s strengths and needs in different areas of communication. A written evaluation, recommendations, and strategies for your child’s specific communication profile is provided.   We are also uniquely qualified to assess social communication and executive functioning skills.  These are the skills that are often missed by traditional language tests. A school observation is a standard component of this type of assessment. 60-90 minutes Investment:

Language Assessment: $ 350

Articulation/MyoFunctional Assessment: $ 250

Language and Articulation Assessment: $450


We provide speech and language therapy in Houston, TX

Speech and Language Therapy

We use evidence based treatment approaches and customize a plan based on you child’s strengths and needs. All therapy is individualized to meet your child’s unique learning style, incorporate his/her personal interests, and capitalize on his/her strengths to support growth and development of his/her language skills.  A summary of the session is provided for the parents and a  home plan with written strategies to work on during the week..

60 minutes :$135

30 minute sessions: $75


Myofunctional Therapy:

We provide myofunctional therapy to address the muscles of the jaws, lips, cheeks, and tongue, establish nasal breathing, correct chewing and swallowing patterns, and proper resting posture.

60 minutes :$135

30 minute sessions: $75


Social Skills Assessment and Groups:

We are uniquely qualified to assess a child’s social skills using specialize training in the Social Thinking ILAUGH model. Assessment. All groups are run by a highly qualified Speech-Language Pathologist and Occupational Therapist. Brooke Andrews, Speech Pathologist has completed the advanced SocailThinking Clinical Training.

Social Skills Assessment: $450 (includes school observation)

Group Therapy/Social Skills Groups: $75 for 60 minute sessions + $50 registration fee



We are currently an out-of-network provider with all insurance companies. However, this does not mean that your insurance company will not cover some/all services. Payment for services is provided directly by the family to The Speech Dynamic via check or our secure online portal. Once payment is received, families are provided a Paid Invoice with treatment/evaluation service and diagnosis codes. Please call your insurance company to find out if you are eligible for out-of-network speech language therapy and/or evaluation reimbursement. Ask if your insurance company accepts CPT code 92507 and if they require an ICD-10 code (furnished from an evaluation). Should insurance companies require additional documentation to authorize, justify, and/or extend services, we are happy to provide the necessary paperwork. If pursuing an evaluation only, ask if your company accepts code 92523


Intake Paperwork:  TheSpeechDynamicIntake2018Intake Group Intake Form: Informed Consent For Group

Brooke's heart is in her work, and you can tell she loves what she does

Brooke has been working with my son Colton for about a year now. She is an amazing speech path and has created a great relationship with him during that time. He is always super excited to see her, and sees the time he spends with her as play time. Yet he’s always learning. Colton has an obsession with trains, and so generally wants to show her how his trains are set up every week. Brooke manages to incorporate whatever skill they are working on into this play. Whether it was putting more than one word together, or focusing on certain sounds, or not dropping the endings of words. She also leaves us with suggestions on what to do with him over the next week to help with the goal that we are currently working on.

Brooke’s heart is in her work, and you can tell she loves what she does. If you choose to work with her, you will be happy with the results you see. Colton had had an explosion of vocabulary this year, and I know she contributed greatly to that.

Autumn M

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