Social Skills Groups

Our social skills groups utilize the SocialThinking curriculum. Developed by Michelle Garcia Winner, Social Thinking addresses the thinking behind social skills. Brooke Andrews, M.A CCC-SLP  has completed the Social Thinking Clinical Training Program at the Center for Social Thinking.

Our groups teach Social Thinking and related to social skills to students with:

High functioning autism


Asperger Syndrome

Nonverbal Learning Disability


Executive Function Difficulties

And for all others in the murky gray area of social thinking!

Social Skills Assessments:

We also provide comprehensive social skills assessments based the ILAUGH Model ( SocialThinking(™) to look more deeply at a variety of skills such as theory of mind, perspective taking, and understanding/use of nonverbal communication.

2018 Social  Groups

Social Adventure: Preschool-Kindergarten

This program is based on the We Thinkers! Curriculum. Through music, stories and dramatic play activities, early learners will explore the fundamental concepts of Social Thinking®.  Social thinking® will be explored through stories, art, drama and pretend play. This program will introduce preschool children and early learners to the core concepts of social cognition.


This group is designed to help children improve their problem – solving and coping skills as they learn about “Superflex” and his rivals, the “Team of “Unthinkables.” Help your child to develop and improve his/her social cognition. We will focus on social thinking concepts that will teach your child how to: think about others, participate in a group, develop a social emotional vocabulary, and understand the perspective of their peers. Through group activities, they will learn and practice these fundamental skills and strategies.

FEES A non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is required with this application. The deposit will be refunded if it is decided after the meeting that the group will not benefit your child at this time. Payment in full is expected two weeks prior to the group’s start date. Payments can be made by check.

INSURANCE The social cognitive thinking groups may be covered by your insurance plan. You can check with your carrier regarding coverage. While we will give you an invoice with the CPT code 92508 (Group Speech Therapy) we do not accept insurance reimbursement directly from your carrier. At times your insurance company may ask us to complete forms and/or provide therapy notes. Depending upon the time involved, there may be an additional fee to fulfill their requests. You will be given notice of this at that time.

Learn more about SocialThinking here:


Her gentle and compassionate approach was just the connection my son needed

My son Finnian was diagnosed with autism at age 3 and was non verbal. I remember being so scared and stressed about Finn’s future until I met his team of teachers and therapists. Miss Brooke was my son Finn’s speech therapist in his EC Pre-K classroom. She was amazing with Finn and supportive to me. Her gentle and compassionate approach was just the connection my son needed to feel safe and grow. One of my favorite qualities of Miss Brooke is her genuine enthusiasm when working with my son. I will always be grateful for her twinkling eyes and contagious smile when discussing my son’s progress and growth. Thank you Miss Brooke!

Molly M

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