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The Speech Dynamic is a unique private practice that specializes in social communication and language development. Brooke Andrews, M.A CCC-SLP is a Speech-Language Pathologist and Director of The Speech Dynamic.  Brooke has completed the SocialThinking™  Clinical Training in Boston, MA.

The Speech Dynamic utilizes SocialThinking™ methodology to teach social cognition to students with social communication challenges. These groups start at five years of age and are offered through high school. Lego-Based Therapy ™ is also offered.

The Speech Dynamic also offers individual and group therapy for early learners. These sessions utilize a variety of frameworks, including DIR Foortime, ™ The SCERTS Model, ™ and Hanen Programs™. These programs all emphasize meeting the child where they are and value the importance of family involvement.

The Speech Dynamic is uniquely qualified to assess social communication. A pragmatic communication assessment provides in-depth information about a student’s social skills that are often missed by traditional language and pragmatic tests.

Many students with social communication challenges also have difficulty with executive functioning. Students who struggle with EF have difficulty planning and organizing and often struggle in school. The Speech Dynamic offers executive functioning therapy in both individual and group formats.





Using cutting edge strategies, students learn how to “work backward to plan forward” (Ward, 2016).

The Speech Dynamic also specializes in language development and disorders. For developmental speech and language delays, programs such as It Takes Two to Talk ™ and Target Word ™ are utilized. For school age students with language and learning challenges, programs that build the language-literacy connection, such as Visualizing and Verbalizing ™ and Seeing Stars ™ are utilized to help students improve their reading comprehension and writing abilities.


Her gentle and compassionate approach was just the connection my son needed

My son Finnian was diagnosed with autism at age 3 and was non verbal. I remember being so scared and stressed about Finn’s future until I met his team of teachers and therapists. Miss Brooke was my son Finn’s speech therapist in his EC Pre-K classroom. She was amazing with Finn and supportive to me. Her gentle and compassionate approach was just the connection my son needed to feel safe and grow. One of my favorite qualities of Miss Brooke is her genuine enthusiasm when working with my son. I will always be grateful for her twinkling eyes and contagious smile when discussing my son’s progress and growth. Thank you Miss Brooke!

Molly M

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