Speech Delays

Articulation and Phonological Disorders

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For your convenience, The Speech Dynamic provides speech therapy for articulation and phonological disorders in your home or school. Weekly homework will be assigned in order to ensure carryover of skills throughout the week. We work wtoddlers and preschooler and their families to remediate speech sounds and phonological processes. When a child has a Speech Disorder, they are unable to produce, initiate, or imitate speech sounds correctly or fluently. Speech disorders can affect a child’s ability to communicate, decrease their self-confidence, and have been correlated with later language and reading disabilities.

We expect a child to be understood by:

18 months: 25% intelligible

24 months: 50-75% intelligible

36 months: 75% intelligible

By age 4, children should be 100% intelligible

(Gleason, 1988).

Speech delay

A speech delay simply means that there is a slower rate of development than expected. Here are some characteristics of  children that present with a speech delay:

  1. They have difficulty acquiring a variety of consonant sounds as quickly as expected
  2. They don’t sounds like children their age
  3. They struggle to be understood


Children with speech delays typically do not have difficulty with:

  1. Knowing what they want to say
  2. Using gestures such as waving, pointing, shaking their heads, etc.
  3. Using a variety vowels
  4. Using correct rhythm or melody of speech
  5. Difficulty with feeding
  6. Vocal quality such as hoarseness, hypernasality, or harshness


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Her gentle and compassionate approach was just the connection my son needed

My son Finnian was diagnosed with autism at age 3 and was non verbal. I remember being so scared and stressed about Finn’s future until I met his team of teachers and therapists. Miss Brooke was my son Finn’s speech therapist in his EC Pre-K classroom. She was amazing with Finn and supportive to me. Her gentle and compassionate approach was just the connection my son needed to feel safe and grow. One of my favorite qualities of Miss Brooke is her genuine enthusiasm when working with my son. I will always be grateful for her twinkling eyes and contagious smile when discussing my son’s progress and growth. Thank you Miss Brooke!

Molly M

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