Books are such a great way to get little ones talking! Here are my favorites and how I use them!


My First Learn to Talk Book: We typically hear little ones imitate fun sounds before they imitate words. This book, written by a Speech Pathologist, is full of these sounds. You can model sounds and gestures to encourage your little one to imitate. It also has a wonderful close-up pictures of toddlers saying the sounds!


Brown Bear: I love to sing this one to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle.” Add the animal sounds in to encourage imitation. Pause on wait before saying, “me” and model gesturing to yourself

Dada/ Everything Mama: I love the repetition of these books. You can incorporate pausing and waiting to encourage your little one to imitate, “Mama” or “Dada”


Who Says Peek-a-Boo? I love this whole series! Encourage imitation of animal sounds throughout the book.” There is a mirror at the end you can encourage your little one to watch your mouth as you say, “Boo!”

Peek-a-who? This book is so fun and I love that it rhymes. It also encourages lip rounding, which we need for the vowels o like “no” and oo such as in “two”

My First Noisy Books: The sounds in this book are perfect for encouraging your little one to imitate. You can also target a word like “push” or “help” throughout

Oh No, Poo Poo/Pee Pee: This silly book was written by a Speech Pathologist. Practice telling the dinosaur and puppy, “No, no” or encourage your little one to imitate “eww” if they are beginning to imitate sounds Link here (not available on Amazon): Bjorem Speech Books | Speech Therapy | OH NO Poo-Poo – Bjorem Speech®

Dear Zoo: Lift the flap books are great because they add an interactive component. Use this book to model animal noises. You can also model knocking on the boxes to encourage imitation of gestures and signing/saying open before you open each box

All Better!: For beginning talkers, I ignore the text and simplify the language such as, “Puppy went boom!” You can model gesture such as blowing a kiss and words like boo-boo and ouch!”

Goodnight Moon: This classic book is great for imitation of the gesture and/or sound “shhhh!” If your little one is beginning to use more words, they might enjoy saying, “Night Night” to all the animals

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