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“Hoppy Bunny, Hoppy Bunny, What do you See?” A printable book to build speech, language, and literacy with your preschooler


My preschool clients love this book during our speech therapy sessions.  Build speech and language skills with your child using this free printable book. “Hoppy Bunny, Hoppy Bunny, What do you See?’ is structured like, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear.” Repetitive stories are great for since they allow your child to “read” along with you. Pause frequently to allow your preschooler to participate in the fun. Introduce spring vocabulary and allow your preschooler to “predict” what’s next.

Here are some ways to use this book to build speech and language with your preschooler:

  1. Vocabulary: Teach your preschooler the spring vocabulary associated with the books. Share information/comment on the pictures
  2. Colors: Talk about the colors in the book
  3. Let your preschooler “read” The repetitive lines allow your preschool preschooler to “read” and participate
  4. Encourage sounds such as the “s” in “see:” by emphasizing them in the words on page
  5. Rhyming: Rhyming is an importand skills for early literacy. Point out the rhymes to your preschoolers (“see and me…those sound alike!”)




Click on the link to download your free copy of the bookSpringBook

Pediatric Speech Pathologist Brooke Andrews The Speech Dynamic

Brooke is a Pediatric Speech Pathologist  the owner of The Speech Dynamic PLLC , where she provides play based and family centered speech therapy. in the area, She is the co-creator of “Wiggle time,” an interdisciplinary curriculum for pediatric therapy.  She has presented at The North Carolina Exceptional Children’s Conference regarding embedding language into routines. She has also shared her expertise on a panel for The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Brooke has a passion for helping families understand the importance of play for speech & language development.

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