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Speech & Language Therapy in Houston

“Speech is one of the marvels that characterize man, and also one of the most difficult spontaneous creations that have been accomplished by nature.”

— Maria Montessori


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Welcome to The Speech Dynamic and the beginning of your child’s unique and individualized experience!  Our highly trained Speech Pathologists provide speech therapy in homes and schools in Houston, TX! We take on smaller caseloads, allowing for the appropriate amount of time and effort to our patients. Our practice only treats pediatric clients, and we are therefore able to specialize in child development, disorders, and the most current therapy techniques. We are a progressive speech therapy private practice serving children with an array of speech, language, and feeding disorders a warm, supportive environment.

Our mission is to support parents and educators in how to best support your child’s speech and communication skills. We look forward to taking the first steps together in creating a positive change in your child’s life!

Best of all, we provide speech therapy in your home!

Our highly trained and experienced Speech Pathologists provide high quality, personalized speech therapy in homes in Houston Heights,/Oak Forest, River Oaks/Montrose, West University, Spring Branch, and the Memorial area. Our speech therapists regularly connect with your child’s teachers and providers. With our younger clients, parents and caregivers are always included in the session and a follow-up note with specific strategies to implement at-home is provided. Our routines-based approach to speech therapy teaches your child communication skills in an environment they feel comfortable.


Houston speech therapy in homes


Combining evidence-based practice with PLAY

Our philosophy is that all children have their own unique strengths and personalities. Individualized speech therapy treatment plans incorporate a multi-sensory, strengths-based approach to intervention every step of the way!. Individualized home plans are provided to empower you and your family as your child learns new skills and becomes confident and successful!

Toddler mommy and me class

Our Speech Pathologists are privileged to work with children with toddlers and preschooler with the following communication difficulties

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We have specialized training in the following speech and language approaches:

  • The PROMPT approach to speech sound disorders
  • Myofuntional Therapy
  • SocialThinking
  • SOS Approach to Feeding
  • TalkTools
  • Beckman Oral Motor
  • Lindamood-Belll
  • Hanen
  • DIR Floortime
  • Kaufman approach to speech and language
  • Yoga for speech and language



Brooke's heart is in her work, and you can tell she loves what she does

Brooke has been working with my son Colton for about a year now. She is an amazing speech path and has created a great relationship with him during that time. He is always super excited to see her, and sees the time he spends with her as play time. Yet he’s always learning. Colton has an obsession with trains, and so generally wants to show her how his trains are set up every week. Brooke manages to incorporate whatever skill they are working on into this play. Whether it was putting more than one word together, or focusing on certain sounds, or not dropping the endings of words. She also leaves us with suggestions on what to do with him over the next week to help with the goal that we are currently working on.

Brooke’s heart is in her work, and you can tell she loves what she does. If you choose to work with her, you will be happy with the results you see. Colton had had an explosion of vocabulary this year, and I know she contributed greatly to that.

Autumn M

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