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We have extensive training and experience in providing speech therapy to young children who are not yet talking. Through meaningful and engaging opportunities, children learn words associated with the world around them. Our therapists are trained in programs specifically for working with “late talkers” such as “Target Word” and “It Takes Two to Talk.”  Individualized therapy and specific suggestions for carryover throughout the week are provided following each session. Our compassionate and engaging therapists make therapy fun and meaningful for your little one!


Our training in myofunctional therapy provides us with a unique understanding of the muscles of the jaw, lips, checks, and tongue. This translates into more efficient and effective therapy.



 Social Skills:

We also are uniquely qualified to assess a child’s social-cognitive level and executive functioning difficulties. Impairments in these areas are often missed by standard language assessments. Social skills assessments consists of an observation in the child’s natural, environment, parent interview, and direct a assessment.


Yoga for Speech and Language


Yoga  is a body based activity that combines breath, movement, and mindfulness. Speech production happens when we move breath through our voice box and it is shaped by our articulators (parts of our mouth). Breath is the very foundation of speech. Without awareness of breath, it is hard to teach a child how to articulate, project, interact, respond, etc. For this reason, yoga and speech go hand in hand.

Yoga is also a wonderful medium for teaching other aspects of speech and language development, including language acquisition, vocabulary development, play skills, social skills, self-regulation, and emergent literacy. The Speech Dynamic has combined yoga techniques with speech and language development to develop unique programs for children. These program Brooke’s training as a children’s yoga teacher with her expertise in speech and language development


A shy child speaks up loud and clear

At the age of 2, my son’s preschool teacher noticed he was a little behind in his speech, he was muttering in a low tone. It was hard for anyone to understand what he was trying to tell us. When I was told he needed therapy, I was a bit nervous because my son is very shy around people he is not familiar with. I was afraid the speech therapist would get nowhere with him, but boy was I wrong. By the end of his first session with Ms. Brooke my son was comfortable with her; he did not want the session to end. Ms. Brooke took the time to research new ideas and activities that would accommodate my son’s needs to help him open his mouth when speaking. She focused the entire session on making sure he practiced the ability to speak up loud and clear while still having fun and kept him engaged. He only had therapy for 5 short months; Ms. Brooke gave him the confidence he needed to speak up. He continues to ask to see Ms. Brooke, he misses her so much. She left him with such great moments and experiences that I do not think he will ever forget her.

Dolores S.

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