There’s no denying that traveling with a toddler can be tough! Here are a few ideas that might keep your little one entertained while traveling to your next destination!


traveling with a toddler


Painter’s Tape: Make a track, shapes, letters, etc. I love all the colors in this set


Water Wow Books: So fun and no mess


Quiet Books: Interactive books are a great for extra engagement! This one about traveling is super cute!


Melissa and Doug Book and Puzzle Play: Another great interactive option 


Books about flying: Knowing what to expect can help toddler feel more confident about a new situation. This book is great because it has real life photos of aspects of flying to help prepare your toddler for what to expect


 Squigz and other suction cup toys: To stick to the window and play

Cling stickers: They stick right to the window and come in so many themes

Reusable puffy stickers: Stickers are so fun and these reusable ones can be used over and over

Sensory toys:  Keep little hands busy like poppers and this sensory toy

Lego Creative Building Kits: So cute and everything fits inside one box


Allll the snacks: Bento boxes and even tackle boxes are a great way to keep snacks novel and fun

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